Committed to a Better Med-Surg Experience.

The Med-Surg RN PRO publication is the antidote to the fear of taking on the challenge of becoming a safe and effective Medical-Surgical nurse. It is certain to reveal the knowledge needed to produce daily masterpieces out of the frequently experienced Medical-Surgical nursing challenges.

Medical-Surgical nursing can be overwhelming.

Whether you are using Med-Surg nursing as a stepping stone or desiring to be a champion of the specialty, as a Med-Surg RN PRO you will have the wisdom and direction needed for discovering the large arrangement of clinicals resources that will allow you to become the best of best within the nursing profession.

The Med-Surg RN PRO movement seeks to change healthcare through a nursing practice that values intentional preparation, healthy work environments, and better nurse and patient care experiences through high quality work habits.

The Med-Surg RN PRO is the person who is considered an exceptional caregiver, an asset to their organization, and a trustworthy friend to their colleagues. The Med- Surg RN PRO learns beyond their base training so they may add value to their employer’s Medical-Surgical services, while becoming an overall leader in their professional nursing experience.

The Med-Surg RN PRO movement invites anyone who is poised to learn, to lead the movement of leaving Med-Surg nursing better than they found it.


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