The Med-Surg RN PRO Nurse Report Sheet

The MSRNPRO report sheet concept is meant to capture all the important information about your patients. You may add more specifics as you build on your foundational skills. You don’t have to think about how you want to group your patient information with this report sheet.

The Med-Surg RN PRO-TIP Checklist

Here’s a list of gems. Wisdom from years of Med-Surg nursing experience passed on to the novice Med-Surg RN. While this is a list of items to be checked off. Each item is explained in the Med-Surg RN PRO book, Chapter 9.

Things the Med-Surg RN PRO Knows

You will want to check off as many tasks on this sheet as you can. This is a great record of what skills you have mastered and what skills you need to continue to pursue.

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